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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch this event? Desktop/Mobile Requirements:

We are using JW Player (web video player) and WOWZA streaming media server for on-demand and live videos.

Further information on JW Player, see

Further information on WOWZA streaming media server, see

How can I test the stream so that I can watch the live event?

We are currently streaming two videos from BisonTV (Ch 3) and GUTV (Ch 11) channels

Please visit our 24/7 BisonTV ( .

Please visit our 24/7 Gallaudet University Channel 11  ( .

If you can see video right now, then you should be able to see the live webcast when it begins. If not, please contact and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as we can.

If you don't see closed captions toggle please temporarily disable web browser's Flash plug-in. 

How can I watch this on my Android mobile device?

Our streaming video server supports Android 4.4 and higher.  If you are not able to view on Android's web browser, the alternative is to use MX Player player from Google Play Store. (Click Here to find in Play Store)

After you have download and installed MX Player, open it and go to "Network Stream" in its menu options and type in or copy-n-paste this URL address.

How do I know if there is audio?

The audio icon will be display at the bottom of the page:  audio logo,  if you do not see the icon, audio is not available.

How do I know captions will be provided?

The caption icon will be display at the bottom of the page: 

if you do not see the icon, captions will not be provided. The captions will be embedded on the page once the event begins.

If you loaded up the page earlier than the start time, you might have to refresh your browser to get the embedded captions.  Not only that, You have the options to open another windows to view it.

If you don't see closed captions toggle in the player, please temporarily disable web browser's Flash plug-in.

What is JW Player ?

JW Player is a popular software for playing videos on the web.

Further information, see

Why is the live webcast constantly buffering

What is Buffering

When video is streamed to your computer via software media player, (HTML5 video player, JW Player, Flash Player, etc.), the software attempts to download the video faster than it plays. The extra video is called a "buffer." If the video stream stalls for any reason, the extra buffered video is shown. Usually, the buffered video lasts long enough for the video stream to continue normally.

Internet Connection Problems Can Cause Buffering Problems

A slow Internet connection can lead to buffering issues. In order for media software to create a buffer, it must be able to download the video faster than it is playing. A slow Internet connection may not be capable of this requirement.

Why is my WIFI Buffering or Disconnecting

If you watch an online video using a slow internet connection, you may experience interruptions and buffering. The internet speed or in-home connection speed refers to how much data — in this case, the streaming of photo, music and movie files. It all depends on the network infrastructure at workplace or home network.

Background Downloads Can Cause Buffering Problems

Background downloads can prevent a buffer from being created because they cause a drain on bandwidth. The more bandwidth that's available, the easier media player can create a video buffer.

Server Side Issues Can Cause Buffering Problems

Sometimes, buffering problems are not the fault of the streaming media server. For example, the server that is streaming the video may be experience a high number of visitors attempting to view the video. In this case, the external server has no bandwidth to allow media player to download fast enough to create a buffer.

I don't see anything, who can I contact?

Please contact us at this email account - and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as we can.

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