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VL2 Presentation: Dr. Kristin Snoddon

Dr. Kristin Snoddon

Merrill Learning Center (MLC) - B111

March 1, 2012
3:45 PM - 5:30 PM

March 1, 2012 footage is now available for playback.

This presentation reports findings from two research studies of Deaf and hearing parents and young children participating in family American Sign Language (ASL) and literacy programs in Ontario. The presentation also discusses the context for participation in family ASL and literacy programs, in an environment where restrictions have been placed on young Deaf and hard of hearing children’s learning of ASL. The Ontario Infant Hearing Program has frequently not provided ASL services to children who receive cochlear implants or auditory-verbal therapy. This operational language policy of Ontario government-funded infant hearing screening and early intervention services has been maintained despite evidence for the benefits that learning ASL confers on spoken and written language development in Deaf children (Snoddon, 2008).

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