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Visual Learning Showcase

Dr. Marlon Kuntze

Merrill Learning Center B111 - Gallaudet University

August 21, 2012
9:15 AM - 12:00 PM

Dr. Marlon Kuntze from the Department of Education at Gallaudet and Dr. Peter C. Hauser, VL2's Science Mentorship Leader, from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, will share their insights about current trends in visual learning research. During their presentation and dialogue, they will answer the following questions: What is it about visual learning that we know, are trying to understand, and are probably still clueless about? What is it about science that is helping advance our knowledge in the field and what is it about science that potentially is keeping us in the dark on what there is to learn about deaf people and visual learning? Drs. Kuntze and Hauser will invite the audience to participate in a discussion about the implications the recent findings about visual learning have for post-secondary educational practices.

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